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Unit leaders and commissioners…looking for more information on what Unit Renewal will look like in 2024?  The following presentation walks through everything you need.
Click the Unit Renewal step-by-step image below to start your Unit Renewal journey. 

NOTE: The screen shots and information contained in the step-by-step guide were up to date at the time of creation.  Scouting America is continuing to make improvements to the system, so the screen you encounter may not be exactly what you see in the document below.  The same applies to all information on this page.  Every effort to keep this page updated is being made, but changes are still being made to the systems.

View the above video prepared by another council to help explain the changes in 2024.  It is not related to the step-by-step guide.
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Unit Renewal

Unit Renewal Timeline/Checklist

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Timeline Details (expand to view)

Be Prepared…for Renewal Guide:  Explains many of the following tasks:

Meet with your unit commissioner. Review the unit renewal timeline, unit renewal process, and the JTE scorecard.  Hopefully you’ve been tracking your unit’s progress on the current JTE scorecard.  Celebrate all of the great things your unit does by listing them on the form.  More JTE information can be found here.

Establish a Unit Renewal Champion.  This person will be the key person in your unit for the process.  They will work directly with your district renewal champion to make this a quick and successful process.

My.Scouting Emails.  Ensure the Key 3 of your unit as well as your Charter Org Rep (COR) and/or COR Delegates have correct email addresses listed in the system.

Minimum number of Youth.  Ensure your unit has the minimum of 5 registered youth.  This does include those youth that are primary in another unit and “multiples” in your unit.

Adult Leadership Positions.  Ensure that all adult leadership positions are filled (there are minimum requirements in a unit).  The COR/Delegate can make adjustments in Position Manager.

Check your unit leaders’ Youth Protection (YPT) status!  In My.Scouting, use Training Manager –> Reports –> YPT Aging Report.  Any adult that expires before the renewal date (or within 2 months after the date) should plan to retake YPT now.  Click here to see a tutorial on how to use Training manager.  Registered Adults will receive warning emails at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 14 days prior to expiration and upon Expiration.  If a registered adult’s YPT expires and account access is suspended, they can forward their YPT Completion Certificate to support@michiganscouting.org to regain access.

Set-up/Review BeAScout pin.  Make sure you have a BeAScout pin set up so that prospective members can find your unit and apply online.  Help for setting up a pin can be found here.  In My.Scouting‘s Organization Manager –> Unit Pin, ensure that online applications are enabled.  Units are encouraged to use online applications for new members at the renewal time.

Review Positions and Approve Apps Your leadership can reassign adult leader positions and approve Adult applications.  The sooner the better. Need Position Codes?  Find them in the Position Code guide.

Determine Scouts/Scouters with Multiple Registrations.  These are those members that are a part of multiple BSA units (Troops, Packs, Ships, and/or Crews).  Each person needs to be represented on each unit’s recharter, but the member only has to submit fees to the primary unit.  Members that are part of one or more Explorer Posts cannot “multiple” with Troops, Packs, Ships and/or Crews; separate registration fees are required for Explorer adults and youth.

Consider adding a Charter Org Representative (COR) Delegate.  This person, appointed in Position Manager in My.Scouting by the COR to fulfill the duties of the COR in the renewal process.  Help for this process can be found here.

Ensure Criminal Background Check (CBC) forms are accounted for.  Using Position Manager in Organization Manager, ensure that all adult leaders have the most updated CBC form on file.

Training!  Unit renewal champions should review user guides and videos prior to the renewal season for your unit.

Unit Key 3 Notified by email at 60 days

Log into System.  Unit Key 3 or COR/Delegate logs into My.Scouting, goes to Organization Manager, and then clicks Unit Renewal

Pay online or in the office.  Once you are ready to submit your renewal, you have the option to pay online (credit card with small fee) or by check in a Scout Service Center.  If you choose to pay in office, ensure that you have printed out the form that appears with that option in the renewal system.

Turn in the following to your professional partner.  Either in person or digitally, turn in the following items:

Encourage all members to renew online.  Direct them to the member’s Renewal page if they have questions.

Special Cases

Special Needs participants over 18 will require manual submission:

If you have a special situation that prevents you from submitting online, though you have been cleared by the proper portion of the organization, you may need to submit your renewal in person.  An example of this would be Special Needs Scouts that have been approved to continue as Youth Participants after the age of 18:  the renewal system will currently not allow you to submit the renewal online.  Follow the manual turn-in process below:

  1. Complete the renewal in the system as completely as possible (youth and adults in the proper position)
  2. Instead of submitting online, print off the renewal form that the renewal system provides.
  3. Obtain physical signatures from your unit/charter organization on the printed copy. [NOTE: This may become an electronic process.]
  4. Send the paperwork with payment to your local Scout Service Center.  Include a note explaining the barrier to submitting online.
  5. The renewal paperwork will be sent to Registration Services for manual entry, noting the special circumstance.

Form for extension for Special Needs Scouts

Special Case: Troops or Packs with less than five primary youth members

In order to be approved as a unit with fewer than FIVE primary youth members,  a Troop membership plan or Pack membership plan must be submitted with the renewal paperwork.  Note:

  • This does NOT apply to Crews or Ships since many of those members are multiples from a Troop. (Crews or Ships with fewer than five total – primary and/or multiple –  members should have a plan, though.)
  • Membership recruitment of units under five youth is a year-round process.  Please plan to continue to work your membership plans immediately after your renewal is submitted and approved.
  • Webelos crossovers cannot be the only part of a membership plan unless there are at least SIX known Webelos crossing over (enough for a new Scout patrol)

Clear any defects.

With the new system, the number of defects should be close to zero.  If after submission you receive notice of issues (defects) with your renewal, work with your commissioner staff to resolve those issues in a timely manner.  Registration Services is reviewing Charters On Hold and posting any defects they find on the MCC Daily Membership Report and the MCC Dashboard 2.  Units, DEs, DCs, and Renewal Champions will be reviewing the defect log and taking action so charters can be Posted promptly when National BSA acts.

Print Charter and membership cards.  Once approved and processed, Unit Key 3, commissioners and professionals can log into My.Scouting to print out the annual Charter and all membership cards.  Instructions:

Stop-Start-Continue activity.  With your unit commissioner, run through this process to see how to improve unit renewal in the future.

Units that do not renew within 60 days after their renewal date will be sent the Unreregistered Unit Report form (Red Letter form) to complete.  The unit will indicate their plans, and in the case of dissolving, recording the steps to take care of any assets.

If assets are to be transferred to the council, the unit will need to complete the Transfer of Unit Funds and Property, providing a list of remaining assets.

Individual Membership Renewal – Payment Options

Individual members will need to renew on their anniversary date.  For those that initially registered prior to August 1, 2023, their anniversary date will be their last recharter date, typically December 31.

Members will be notified via email and will see messages in both My.Scouting and Scoutbook starting 60 days prior to their renewal date.  There are two options for payment:

  • Member/family pays the renewal online (or in Council Service Center) – PREFERRED/DEFAULT
  • Unit chooses to pay for members as their memberships come due (online or in Council Service Center) – discouraged due to potential confusion/issues with “multiple” members and tracking membership renewals all throughout the year

Individual Pay Timeline

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NOTE:  This method is the default.  You can direct families to the Renewal page for more information.

Individual Pay Timeline Details

  • If a parent of a youth member does not have a my.scouting account, one will need to be created.
  • Check the member’s renewal date.
  • Members 18 or older, check your YPT expiration date to ensure it is up-to-date.
  • Check whether your unit is paying the membership.
  • Member is notified of membership expiration.
    Notices will be through: e-mail, my.scouting, and Scoutbook.

    • Adults – will be notified personally.
    • Youth – parent/guardian will be notified.
  • Check to make sure all roles and memberships are listed.
    Note: Adult functional roles do not appear.
  • Remove those positions the member would like to discontinue.
  • Members can Opt-Out if they choose not to continue their membership in Scouting America.
  • For youth in a Crew / Ship and Troop, the Crew or Ship should be the primary position.
  • Scout Life magazine can be toggled on or off.  The default setting is to receive the magazine.
  • Pay by credit card or pay at Council.

Check my.scouting account to make sure all positions/unit memberships are registered.
NOTE: Units must approve membership renewals.  Follow-up with the unit if a membership is missing.

If a member does not renew, the membership is dropped at the 60 day mark.

Unit Pay Timeline

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NOTE:  This method is not recommended.  It allows Units to pay for its Member’s renewals instead of the default of a member/family paying.  There is potential for “multiple registration” problems by a unit paying for a member.

Unit Pay Timeline Details

  • Encourage Members to check e-mail address in your my.scouting account!
    Note: there is no mechanism to check for failed e-mails.
  •  Check your renewal date.
  • Check members YPT expiration date.
  • Unit Key 3 member to go into Organization Manager to select Unit Will Pay For Renewal Applications.  In Roster, Unit Leaders can select which members they will pay for.

  • Notify those unit members who the unit will pay for.
  • Member will receive e-mail reminding them to renew at 60 days prior to their membership expiring.
  • Before using the Opt-Out tool, be sure to confirm that the member is leaving Scouting entirely.  The Opt-Out tool could possibly cancel the members multiple registrations.
  • Confirm with the member all multiple registrations.
    Note: the system will only allow the member to be paid for once.
  • Confirm with member about Scout Life subscription.
  • Unit Key 3 notified of members who are expiring in the next 2 months.
  • Unit Key 3 or COR Delegate logs-in.


  • Electronically On-line by credit card
  • At the Council office.

Check my.scouting roster to make sure all members are registered

Check my.scouting roster to make sure all members are registered


Annual Unit Charter Agreement: This document must be signed annually by the Charter Org, the Charter Org Rep, the Committee Chair and the Local Council.

New Unit Application: Used by new units to initially define the Charter Org, it is also used by units that are 1) changing Charter Organizations, or 2) need to update the information about the current Charter Org.  This should be completed and submitted to Registration Services at mcc.registration@scouting.org.

Release and Assumption of Charter: Used by an existing Charter Org to release its responsibility and charter for the unit.

Registration Assistance Request Form: Any Scout or adult that is in need of financial assistance to cover annual fees should complete this fillable PDF.

Youth Application and Adult Application (Paper versions):  Online applications are strongly preferred, but if you need the old fashioned paper version of the apps, here they are.  NOTE: For those turning 18 years of age or for changing the units Charter Org Rep, the paper version is required, in addition to the current YPT certification and completed CBC form.

Adult Position Codes: Have Adult apps and not sure how to assign a position?  This PDF guide lists all of the possible positions with their codes and whether they require a fee.


2024 Fee Increase:  Updated fee explanation starting May 1, 2024.

Be Prepared…for Rechartering Guide:  Do you know how to use my.scouting.org to set up a BeAScout pin, approve applications, set up a Charter Org delegate or the other Be Prepared steps?  Here is your quick guide!

Application Manager and Invitation Manager Usage:  Do you know how to access the Membership Management section of MyScouting?  This section includes the Application and Invitation Managers.  Application Manager is the way to keep track and approve online applications,  and Invitation Manager provides your unit QR Codes and URLs that allow new members to directly apply.

Unit Technology Tools & Renewal: This table shows which roles in the Unit have access to which technology tools (BeAScout, Invitation Manager, Roster, etc.) before, during and after the renewal (and expiration) process.

UMC Toolkit:  For units that have been previously chartered by a United Methodist Church and are moving to a new Charter Org

Catholic Resources 2023: The Letter from the Diocese of Lansing and the Statement from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

What is the charter?

The chartering process is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting. It is the formal document that certifies the agreement between a Chartered Partner – an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as a part of its service to youth and community outreach – and the Boy Scouts of America, setting expectations for the quality of program to be delivered to the Charter Partner’s youth population.

The BSA grants charters to sponsoring (chartered) organizations who must report to Scouting annually to renew their local charters. Rechartering is the process where a Scout unit renews its charter as an official part of the Boy Scouts of America.


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