Roundtable is exactly what it implies – it really is an opportunity for Scouters to receive quality resources, knowledge, and skills and work as a group to have an opportunity for an equal exchange of ideas.  Roundtables focus on program highlights for upcoming months and are held in all districts across Michigan. Use the calendar below to find a Roundtable location and date that fits your schedule.

There is a great deal of camaraderie developed at the meetings as there is an open exchange of ideas.  There is a designated leader as the Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts often separate but usually the leader serves as a facilitator for the attendees to share their ideas while guiding the group through the material.

Do you have questions about how to solve issues in your troop or pack? Roundtable is a perfect opportunity to get different ideas and feedback to take back home with you.

The BSA continues to update requirements and training to provide the best program for all Scouts.  Roundtable is the perfect opportunity to keep abreast of these changes and make sure your pack or troop is moving in the right direction. All Scout leaders, committee members and parents are welcome to attend.  Some packs and troops have a schedule for den leaders and cub/scoutmasters to attend so that their unit is represented at each meeting.  It doesn’t need to be the same representative every time, all  are welcome.


The following are recent Roundtable resources — everything you need to create this month’s Roundtable meeting. Monthly Hot Topics, Safety Moments, and breakout ideas for Cubs and Scouts BSA.  For the latest list and back history of topics, please visit the:

BSA Roundtable Planning Resources Page


Customizable PowerPoint Template: Your district is unique and has a great message to share!  If desired, create your own presentation with this framework to be used for online or in-person Roundtables.  Show/Hide/Edit slides to meet your own district’s needs.

2022 MCC Virtual Roundtable PowerPoints


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