Let’s advertise those amazing Join Scouting Nights in 2024!

Troops and Packs can request marketing resources to help promote your upcoming recruitment activities.  Custom Flyers can be created and printed to provide to your schools, Custom Unit Videos can be created for units to post on social media or share with families, and Social Media Events/Ads (Facebook geofencing) can be created to target members of your community.

All of these resources are provided to you FREE by the Michigan Crossroads Council.  Please allow at least three (3) weeks for all resources to be created.

Flyers will be created by your District Executive. Please contact him/her (see Operations sections of staff directory for contact) with any questions or requests.

Videos and Social Media Ads will be created by MCC marketing staff.  Social Media Events will be created within two weeks of submission; Ads for the events will be created and geofenced seven days prior to the scheduled event.  Sample Custom Videos can be viewed here.

The “Email Address” and “Unit Contact Email” below will receive a copy of this request.

Questions?  Contact us at marketing@michiganscouting.org.

Sample Facebook ad (geofenced to your area):