Camping is such an important part of Scouting, and we want to help you make the most of it with your Cub Scout Pack.  Per the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts can camp up to two consecutive nights at council-approved campgrounds.  These rules apply to Pack and Den outings coordinated by the unit.  If you are participating in a summer camp or Cub camporee sponsored by the council or district, you do not need to worry about this — it is taken care of.

Before you head out, you will need to ensure that your destination campground is on the council “approved” list.  Below you will find a list of campgrounds that are approved.  Coming soon:  Lists of campgrounds with addresses and info!

If the campground does not fall into the categories or list below, you will need to complete the Pack Overnight Campout Site Appraisal Form and submit it to Connie Knie at

Approved Campgrounds


If you have doubts about whether the campground is in one of the “approved” categories, please fill out the form.

Pack Campout Site Appraisal Request

Please complete the form below to request a site appraisal for your Pack campout.