Upcoming Events at the Ranch

Spring Fling Ranch Ride
April 20, 2024

Steak and Shakedown event image

Steak and Shakedown Dinner
April 27, 2024

Ranch Birding Events
May 3 or 4, 2024

Aloha Summer Ranch Ride
August 31, 2024

Color Ranch Ride
October 12, 2024

Holiday Ranch Ride
December 7, 2024

Since 1950, D-Bar-A-Scout Ranch has been providing quality scouting experiences for Scouts, Schools, and Churches from Southeast Michigan and around the Midwest. D-Bar-A is located about an hour North of Detroit, MI.  The ranch consists of just under 1,800 acres of breathtaking wilderness, 3 spring fed lakes, a herd of horses, longhorn cattle, and other livestock, 28 heated cabins with kitchens, a large central kitchen and 3 dining pavilions, and 11 tent sites. Program facilities include a 32 foot climbing tower, Bouldering Wall, two shooting sports areas to accommodate BB Guns, Archery, Sling Shots, Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, and Muzzleloaders, 2 firebowls, Fishing, an observatory, several Nature Centers, and 11 miles of the Pedro hiking trail system.


The D-Bar-A Scout Ranch Weekend Programs consist of a variety of horseback riding, shooting sports (archery, BB guns, slingshots, rifle, shotgun, and muzzle loaders), swimming, boating, climbing, astronomy and more!

We try our best to have as many programs available as possible each weekend, but unfortunately cannot always guarantee all of them at this point. So, please call or email the Camp Director.

We will open the gate and the main office at 6pm on Fridays to begin checking in units. Please arrive no later than 9pm. If you foresee a late arrival, or need to make other arrangements, please let us know in advance by calling our Ranch Manager at (517) 940-4699  One Unit Leader must check-in at the Martin Building (the first building with the red roof) upon arrival to camp.

At the time of check in, you will review the camp policies and make any final arrangements for program activities. You will also select a check out time so the Ranger or Campmaster can review the facility prior to your departure on Sunday.

*A minimum number of 8 participants must be signed up for the weekend for a program to run due to costs

Our current group rate pricing for all of our amazing programs can be viewed or downloaded below.

Ranch Director – Julie Vruggink
Program and Livestock Director: Joe Smith
Summer Camp Director: Marie Becvar
Head Ranger – Steve Bailey
Ranger – Stephen McGinty
Camp Chair: Tom Griffin
Properties Chair: Don Balmes
Program Chair: Bob Johnson

D-Bar-A Horse

D-Bar-A Group Rate Pricing

Activity/ItemGroup SizeDurationScout PriceNon-Profit PriceStandard PriceNote
Corral RideMin. 8/Max. 20 1 hour $15.00$20.00$25.00Per Person, Per Ride (Age 7+)
Trail RideMin. 8/Max. 20 1.5-2 hours $35.00$40.00$45.00Per Person, Per Ride (Age 10+)
Hay RideMin. 8/Max. 20 1 hour $5.00$6.00$7.00Per Person, Per Ride
ArcheryMin. 8/Max. 361 hour $5.00$6.00$7.00Per Person, per Hour
BB GunsMin. 8/Max. 361 hour $5.00$6.00$7.00Per Person, per Hour
Rifle (.22)Min. 8/Max. 361 hour $10.00$12.00$14.00Per Person; includes Ammo (50)
Muzzle Loading RifleMax. 81 hour $25.00$30.00$35.00Per Person; includes Ammo (5)
Shotgun Shooting (20 ga)Max. 81 hour $20.00$25.00$30.00Per Person; includes Ammo (25)
SlingshotsMin. 8/Max. 361 hour $3.00$4.00$5.00Per Person, per Hour
BoatingMin. 8/Max. 75 4 hours $5.00$6.00$7.00Per Person; Scouting Units require a BSA Swim Test
SwimmingMin. 8/Max. 75 4 hours $5.00$6.00$7.00Per Person; Scouting Units require a BSA Swim Test
Boating AND SwimmingMin. 8/Max. 75 4 hours $8.00$10.00$12.00Per Person; Scouting Units require a BSA Swim Test
FishingMax. 20Per Day$ -$5.00$6.00Per pole rental
Bouldering Walln/an/a$10.00$15.00$20.00
Football Fieldn/aPer Day$75.00$80.00$85.00Flat Fee
Gaga Ball Pitsn/aPer Day$20.00$25.00$30.00Flat Fee
Volleyball Pitn/aPer Day$20.00$25.00$30.00Flat Fee
Astronomy Telescopen/aPer Day$50.00$55.00$60.00Flat Fee
Human Foosballn/aPer Day$20.00$25.00$30.00Flat Fee
Day Rate Occupancyn/an/a$ - $10.00$10.00Per Person, Per Day
Standard Patch$3.00$3.00$3.00Per Person
Personalized Patch$5.00$5.00$5.00Per Person, will customize to your request (need 60 day lead time)


D-Bar-A Scout Ranch staff is uniquely qualified to present several programs for our youth to learn more about horses and about life on a working ranch. From the introductory Horsemanship Merit Badge to the fully immersive Ranch Hand Experience, your scouts will have an unforgettable experience.

Note: The Horsemanship Merit Badge must be scheduled at least 90 days prior to the desired weekend.

Corral Rides – $15 per Scout/per hour ($20 non-profit/$25 standard rate per person)

For riders of all ages, we offer this great introduction to Horseback Riding. Up to 20 participants can take advantage of this opportunity in a 1-hour time-slot. Held at our Corral near the barns, participants ride horses while an adult leads the horse around the Corral.

Trail Rides – $35 per person/per 1.5-2 hour block ($40 non-profit/$45 standard rate price per person)

Participants will get to view the Ranch from Horseback.  Each ride, with instruction times, lasts for 1.5-2 hours.

Hay Rides – $5 per person/per 1 hour block ($6 non-profit/$7 standard rate per person)

Participants will get to view the Ranch on a traditional hay ride.  Each ride lasts for 1 hour.

D-Bar-A Corral Ride
D-Bar-A Trail Ride



Program for Registered Scouts

Spend a week learning what it takes to work at a Ranch!  Also referred to as our Wrangler in Training program, this allows Scouts the opportunity to spend a week learning what it takes to work at The Ranch! Help the D-Bar-A Ranch Staff care for our herd of horses, long horn cattle, and burros in this once in a lifetime adventure! You will learn to bend & weld metal, work on farm machinery, learn horse care, and do repairs around The Ranch!

Participants, in this full-immersion program, will earn the Horsemanship, Farm Mechanics, Veterinary Medicine, Painting, Metalworking, and Welding Merit Badges, in addition to taking part in all aspects of running the Ranch from maintenance to horse care.

Learn how to rope, ride, spend a night under the stars with the horses and even participate in a true cattle drive!

You will work alongside the ranch staff on the 1700 acre farm. You will learn to bend and weld metal, work on farm machinery, and do repairs around the ranch.

Participants should be at least 13 years of age and First Class, and have some riding and camping experience. Except for your personal camping gear, D-bar-A Scout Ranch will provide everything that you will need including food and cooking equipment.

A current BSA Health & Medical Record, parts A, B and C, including a Doctor’s signature, is required.

The Ranch Hand program is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.




June 16-22, 2024 (SOLD OUT)
June 23-29, 2024
July 7-13, 2024
July 14-20, 2024 (Open to the Public)


Open to the Public

If you are interested in doing some more advanced horseback riding, then you must take part in Horse Camp! Our Horse Camp is a five day and four night horseback riding adventure with highly trained staff that you will never forget. This adventure is offered as an individual or group experience, and is scheduled to happen in June and August. You will get to sleep under the stars, participate in cowboy action shooting, learning advance riding techniques, and much more while caring for your horse every step of the way.

D-Bar-A equestrian camp will offer more than just horsemanship, it will create lifelong memories and character building. During riding camps, they will live it out. Every camper will spend each day caring for, feeding, and riding their assigned horse.

Through a combination of instructor-led courses, riding lessons, camp and horse activities, each camper will encounter Equine Assisted Growth and Learning.

Must be age 14+, or 13 and have completed the 8th grade in order to participate.

Each session is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Highlights Include:

Open to the Public

Level Based Riding Provides a Challenge for All Experience Levels
Learn Grooming and Care for your Horse
Build your Riding and Showing Skills
Older Youth get the Chance to Camp Under the Stars With Their Horse!


Water Activities
Shooting Sports Activities




July 28 – August 3, 2024


2024 D-Bar-A Summer Camp Sessions

Session 1: June 16 -22Session 2: June 23 – 29

Trail to Eagle Week

Session: June 30 – July 6 – REGISTRATION



The Trail to Eagle (TTE) program is a specifically designed program for the older Scout to give them the [TTE Eagle] opportunity to work on the merit badges they need to finish the Eagle Scout rank requirements. It is a one week, highly structured program held at D-bar-A Scout Ranch and Scouts must be at least 1st Class rank by Fall of the current year and at least 13 years old or older.

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You have the ability to reserve a site during your troop’s visit to summer camp

Available May 1st through October 1st

Each RV campsite is equipped with water, sewer, and electricity.

Amenities Include:
Laundry, showers, a common area, and has access to the camp’s trading post when it is open.

$35 per night

Each adult during the summer months must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America, have up to date Youth Protection, and a clearance letter from the MDHS


Your Adopt-A-Horse Sponsorship is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of our horses. Your generous donation will help provide for food, board, medical treatment, training and other costs that are directly associated with the care of your sponsored horse. Maintaining and caring for our horses is a very time consuming and costly endeavor.

Your Adopt-A-Horse Sponsorship makes it financially possible for us to provide for our D-Bar-A horses by keeping them safe, providing a long, healthy life and delivering a once in a lifetime experience for our youth. Sponsors make a generous contribution to assist with the care of a specific horse they personally select. These donations go directly toward the expenses for that animal. Sponsorships put a financial dent in the care and feed costs for each horse. Our goal is to secure a sponsor for each of our very special D-Bar-A horses!