No.  The App is another method of communication for when a unit is onsite at one of our camp facilities.

During the Summer Camp season, the Camp Apps will have links to the Leaders’ Guides, Camp Menus, Schedules of events, and other useful information that a Unit Leader would like to have at his/her fingertips.

All year long the Camp Apps provide links to various maps, resources, upcoming events, camp contacts, and weather forecasts.  In addition, there is a Feedback section that allows you to report Facility issues and give feedback on camp staff.

No!  Simply go into My Profile –> Settings and disable the Notifications.  You still have all of the functionality of the App without the notifications.  Next time you are at camp, simply re-enable the notifications.

Yes. The Apps will load, but the content is located online and will require an Internet access.  You can go into the app while on a connection and download the Maps and other PDF documents prior to arriving — they will be located directly on your phone and accessible through your phone’s files.

Nope.  During the non-summer camp months, the Camp Apps are redesigned to have the information you’d need to have a successful trip to our camps.  If your unit is looking for events or facility rental at your camp, you can access that information from the App — as well as weather, maps, and camp contacts.

For more information, please download and review our Camp App Guide below.