Outdoor Ethics & Conservation Roundtables

Your are invited to join us for the monthly national BSA Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Roundtables online (Zoom) on the second Wednesday of each month.

Please register at https://tinyurl.com/OECC2324 to receive a personal Zoom link to attend this year’s roundtables. After you register, look for an email from ANDREA WATSON with the subject “National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Roundtable 2023-2024 Confirmation.” Save the link you receive in that email as you will use that same link for all of this program year’s Roundtables.

Contact roundtable@outdoorethics-bsa.org for more information or to send us your ideas for future Roundtables.

Thank you for all you do to promote Outdoor Ethics and Conservation within the BSA. See you at the roundtable!