For Youth Leaders!

If you are a youth leader in your Troop, Crew or Ship, this page is for YOU!  If you are an adult, head to the For Leaders page for the things you might need.  This is a special page just for YOUTH!  Why?  Because Scouting is YOUTH LED, so youth need resources just like the adults do!

This page is a work in progress…we will be adding things as we find them, but for now, hopefully this helps!


A Trained Youth Leader is an Effective Youth Leader

Most of the things you find on this page are discussed in the many Youth Leader Training options.  Where do you start?

Introduction to Leadership Training (ILST)– This is a 4 hour training course that your Troop/Crew/Ship leadership (adult and youth) should be annually providing to all potential youth leaders.  This will introduce you to the skills you need to hold a position of responsibility in your unit.  At the conclusion of this training, you can wear the “Trained” patch on your left sleeve.

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) – This is a week-long course (one full week or two long weekends) offered during the summer at multiple MCC camps.  This training takes you further in your leadership journey…and is great fun!  At the conclusion of this course, you can wear the “NYLT” patch on your left sleeve.

Kodiak Award – This is leadership training on a trek!  Often taken between ILST and NYLT, it takes what was learned in ILST and applies it to a high adventure situation.  While on a trek, you will explore different aspects of leadership.  At the conclusion of this training, you will have earned the Kodiak medal which can be hung on your pocket.

Troop Organization

Troop Organization Chart – Do you know how your Troop is organized?  Do you know how the Patrol leaders related to the SPL or how the Troop Guide relates to the New-Scout patrol?  Never fear!  There are drawings (in big-people speak “org charts”) for that!  If you have a smaller Troop, then the Small Troop Org Chart is what you will use.  Have a larger Troop with more than three patrols?  Use the Large Troop Org chart.

Troop Leadership Positions – Do you know what your Leadership Position is responsible for?  Does each of your leadership team know what to do?  Before you take on a leadership position, make sure you understand what is expected of you.  This page has a list of all positions — click on each to learn more what each is about!  There are even printable position description cards and position orientation videos!

Planning Meetings

Patrol Leaders Council, aka, “PLC” – The unit’s (Troop’s/Crew’s/Ship’s) leadership, both Youth and Adult, should be meeting once a month to plan out meetings and events for the upcoming month(s).  This special meeting is referred to as the “PLC” and is led by the Senior Patrol Leader.  Youth leaders voice their opinion, and the Scoutmaster and adults are there simply as mentors.  How do you run this?  Great question!  The Monthly Planning and the PLC page has a video and resources just for you.  It even has a PLC Agenda guide that will help you.

Troop Meeting Agenda – Everything you need to organize a successful Troop meeting!  Includes a video on meeting structure, introductions to the main elements/parts of a meeting, and links to Troop Meeting Planning Forms.

Troop Meeting Planning forms – How can you organize a meeting without having a way to keep it all straight?  Use the planning forms.  There is a blank printable one (for jotting down information in a PLC meeting) and a fillable one (in case you have your computer/device with you and you’d prefer to type).

Event Planning form – The Event Planning Page has resources and explanation on how to best plan an event:  from a weekend campout to an afternoon hike.

Project Planning form –   Service projects are core to Scouting:  “Do a Good Turn Daily”!  Plan your next service project with the Project Planning form, Service Project Planning Checklist, and the Service Project page.  Need ideas?  Check this list of 101 Great Service Project ideas!

Program Features – This is AMAZING!  Ever sit in a PLC meeting and wonder “wow, what are we going to do next month in meetings?”.  Did you know there are meeting plans on over 48 different topics all ready to go?  Yup!  On this page, click on the topic you want to explore.  It will provide you helpful information, and if you click on “Troop Meetings” on that page, it will take you to pre-planned meeting ideas!  Click on “Main Event” and you will get ideas on potential outings related to that topic.  You can purchase these in hardcopy at the Scout shop at ScoutShop Item 647790, ScoutShop Item 647791, and ScoutShop Item 647792.  PS – If you want older PDF versions, head over to the Program Planning page and look at the Additional Troop Meeting Planning Resources.


Games and Challenges – The best part of a meeting (besides learning new things) is participating in games and challenges!  It is one thing to learn a skill, but even better if you can put that skill to use in a fun activity.  We have you covered.  There is an entire list of Scout Skill Challenges, Team Building activities, Patrol Games, and Troop Games for any occasion (inside and out, small group or large).

Ceremonies – Scouting includes many ceremonies, from the weekly flag ceremonies to Arrow of Light crossovers and Courts of Honor.  If you need help in planning any of these (or more), make sure to check out the Ceremonies page.  Includes a page on Eagle Courts of Honor.  Full index of ceremonies can be found on the Ceremonies Index page.

Scout Skills & Merit Badges

Campcraft Skill Videos – Want to incorporate a skill into a meeting, but not exactly sure how to do it yourself?  Never fear!  There is a video for that.  Here is an entire series of videos on various campcraft skills – pioneering (knots/lashing), tools, navigation, and fire building!

Merit Badges…ahh.  Those 130+ little round patches that show you are proficient in certain skills.  Do you know there are Scouts that have earned every single badge?  A 14 year-old Scout in Michigan just finished that accomplishment — all 139 merit badges.  Check out the WZZM story here.

How do you help your Scouts earn Merit badges?  You can turn to many resources.


Did you know there were Leaders’ Guides written just for you!  Check these out:

Senior Patrol Leader Handbook

Patrol Leaders Handbook