Staff Directory

Scout Executive/CEO Donald Shepard 517-940-4210
Deputy Scout Executive Gary Gilger 715-563-6853
MCC Receptionist Barb Campbell 517-940-4210×1000
Grant Writing Supervisor Alexandra Standal 269-806-1956
Grant Writer Angela Jarjis-Bradley 810-235-2531
Membership Shared Services Coordinator Birdie Sisco 989-266-9103
Chief Financial Officer Michael Chaffee 810-235-2534
Controller / Human Resources Deb Hartman 313-361-4229
Sr. Accountant Misty Schalk 989-662-4464
Accounting Specialist / Payroll Mary Ervin 313-361-1252
Accounting Specialist / Accounts Payable Lauri Rodgers 989-266-9104
Chief Information Officer Christopher Hopkins 603-218-9841
Public Relations Manager Jane Parikh 269-275-3544
Graphic Design Specialist Ashley Kraft 231-872-0686
Popcorn Customer Service Alanna Bonar 248-207-1753
Director – STEM Program Kimberlee Manor 316-518-8138
STEM Executive – Southeast Eric Suender 248-672-8804
STEM Executive – Northeast Hannah Meixner 614-595-4191
STEM Executive – West Bridget Knight 616-794-6688
Director of Facilities Andrew Tata 734-693-3020
Camp Rotary Vacant Ranger
Camp Teetonkah Dave McLean Caretaker
Cole Canoe Base David Gray Ranger
D-Bar-A Scout Ranch Jack Sims Ranger
D-Bar-A Scout Ranch Steve Bailey Ranger
Gerber Scout Reservation Charlie Brown Ranger
Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation Matt Langlois Ranger
Silver Trails Scout Reservation Bob Cudney Caretaker
Offices – Facility Manager Jerry Kiste 616-255-3513
Director of Outdoor Programs Brad Murray 989-240-4436
Team Leader – Cub Scout Camping Dianna Marsh 517-940-4314
Team Leader – Boy Scout Camping Scott Hagler 919-750-1283
Reservations Manager Bill Licht 586-899-2674
Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation Director Aaron Collins 734-807-0201
Camp Munhacke Director Ron Brunt 734-368-8019
Camp Rotary Director Andrew Wright 989-386-7943
Camp Rotary Outdoor Education Director Greg Zdan 989-386-7943
Cole Canoe Base Director Gus Chutorash 810-571-0725
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Director Jerry Deeg 810-394-1185
Gerber Scout Reservation Director Ryan Kriesch 616-262-8602
Field Service Scout Executive Victor Pooler 313-361-4221
Office & Facilities Manager Wanda Bohannon 313-361-1267
Customer Service Debra Edwards 313-897-1965
Customer Service Mabel Bell 313-897-1965
Building Maintenance & Print Technician Clayton Schroeder 313-361-1254
Director of Field Service Justin Williams 313-361-1250
Administrative Assistant Kelly Reese 313-361-1249
Sr. Development Director Jaime Bochenek 313-361-1291
Director of Development Denver Laabs 313-361-1272
Associate Development Director Regan Gilshire 313-361-1289
Fundraising Specialist Hattie Robertson 313-361-4223
Field Director – Horseshoe Service Area Bob Dewar 313-361-1292
District Director – Chippewa District Keegan Springfield 313-361-1270
Unit Service Executive – Chippewa District Douglas Rohrabaugh 586-209-7608
Unit Service Executive – Chippewa District Chris Prichard 313-361-1281
Unit Service Executive – Sunrise District Summer Robinson 313-361-1277
Unit Service Executive – Sunrise District Kevin Lauro 248-762-9639
Unit Service Executive – Ottawa District Breja Sterling 313-361-1283
Unit Service Executive – Ottawa District Karissa Matson 313-361-1271
Unit Service Executive – Pontiac – Manito Dan Welsh 313-361-4227
Field Director – Woodward Service Area Janssen Lemley 248-397-5816
District Director – North Star District Jon Miller 248-417-0862
Unit Service Executive – North Star District Rebecca Kowalski 586-216-5848
Program Director Catherine Buckalew 734-765-5036
Program Assistant Jennifer Medley 313-361-1266
Sr. Unit Service Executive – Mahican District Gary A. Williams 313-361-1246
Unit Service Executive – Mahican District Gary Lippard 313-361-1269
Unit Service Executive – Sunset District Vacant Vacant Vacant
Unit Service Executive – Sunset District Richard Mazyck 313-361-1258
Assistant Director of Field Service Leon Bell 313-361-1276
Scout Reach/Renaissance Director Regina Reid 313-361-4211
In-School Scouting Executive Charity Davenport 313-361-1294
In-School Scouting Executive Daryl Wallace 313-361-1290
Exploring Executive John Fort 313-656-9303
Exploring Executive Brandon Brice 313-361-1248
Field Service Scout Executive Aaron Gach 616-785-2662 x 3016
Executive Assistant Tori Brow 616-785-2662 x 3003
Director of Field Service Jeff Whitten 616-785-2662 x 3010
Program Director Ryan Kriesch 231-947-7071 x 3103
Major Gifts & Development Director – South Sarah Hotchkiss 616-785-2662 x 3009
Development Associate Ryan Huizenga 925-726-6661
Outreach Development Executive Paige Caligiuri 616-965-7861
District Director – Eagle Spirit Team Nathan Ekola 616-785-2662 x 3011
Unit Service Executive – Eagle Spirit District Vacant
Field Director – West Team Frank Kule 616-785-2662 x 3013
Unit Service Executive – Lakeshore District Tom Sturtevant 616-785-2662 x 3019
Unit Service Executive – Timber Trails Distrcit Robert Silvernail 616-785-2662 x 1005
District Director – North Team Mark Ewing 231-947-7071x 3104
Unit Service Executive – Northern Lights District Vacant
Unit Service Executive – Scenic Trails District Michelle Foster 616-785-2662 x 3026
Program Specialist – Eagle Spirit District Lucas Kelley 616-278-0808
Unit Service Executive – Lakeshore & Timber Trails District Steven Dodson 231-670-5960
Program Assistant Rebecca Alberda 616-785-2662 x 3004
Development Assistant Kimbra VanderMeulen 616-785-2662 x 3005
Customer Service Representative Randy Averill 616-785-2662 x 3100
Field Service Scout Executive Melissa Stricherz 402-659-5788
Assistant Scout Executive Dominic Gualtieri 630-267-7167
Development Associate Chris Stowe 231-409-9412
Program Director Drew DeMull 616-826-2232
Field Director – Team East James McClelland 734-926-5681
Unit Service Executive – Huron Trails District Kevin Zelazny 734-719-0296
Sr. Unit Service Executive – Huron Trails District Rachal Carson 517-306-8304
District Director – Three Fires District Cristina Van Putten 734-560-1283
Unit Service Executive – Running Waters District Louise Malvitz 734-642-7366
Unit Service Executive – Cascade District James McClelland 734-926-5681
Field Director – Team West Christian Townsend 612-812-1026
Field Director – Chief Lenape District James McClelland 734-926-5681
Unit Service Executive – Nottawa Trails District Jacob Rowzee 601-481-5560
Sr. Unit Service Executive – Pathfinder District Jacob Maxson 269-832-0096
Unit Service Executive – Wabano District Stephanie Bird 269-209-2472
Sr. Unit Service Executive Sonja Emziah 517-974-0715
Customer Service Representative Mary Howard 734-971-7100
Customer Service Representative Colleen Heuser 734-249-8878
Field Service Scout Executive Sean Henneman 810-235-2531
Executive Assistant Janice Dubay 810-216-7001
Director of Field Service Jon Wilson 810-235-8719
Program Assistant Jean Moreau 989-266-9116
Program Assistant Ann Norris 810-235-8753
Administrative Assistant Robin Ackerman 810-235-8836
Office Assistant Nate Chance 517-622-3625
Program Director Thomas Oleniacz 989-266-9105
Program Assistant Kelsey Maser 810-210-4374
Senior Development Director Marilyn Costigan 810-235-8728
Development Director Brent Hortze 810-216-7003
Development Director Eric Curtis 989-266-9106
Field Director – Chief Okemos, Heartland, Ojibway & Shoreline Districts Corrie Groth 517-940-4091
Unit Service Executive – Chief Okemos District Cameron Todd 224-623-3609
Unit Service Executive – Chief Okemos District Abel Rubio 517-816-7762
Field Director – Blue Star, Blue Water & Rivers North Districts Jack McLiver 810-292-0081
Unit Service Executive – Blue Water District Christa Warner 810-216-7002
District Director – Blue Star District Zachary Johnson 810-922-6092
District Associate – Thumb District Jack McLiver 810-292-0081
Unit Service Executive – Rivers North District Garrett Darby 810-449-1647
Unit Service Executive – Ojibway Kevin McLeod 586-817-2202
Unit Service Executive – Shoreline District Jake Straub 989-266-9114
Field Director – Heartland District Corrie Groth 517-940-4091
Scoutreach – Flint Gregory Cooley 810-235-2531
Scoutreach – Lansing Cameron Todd 224-623-3609
Scoutreach – Saginaw, David Howe 989-266-9109
Scoutreach – Port Huron Jack McLiver 810-292-0081