Dynamic Recruitment Plan – Scouts BSA

Troops thrive when they continue to grow, and we are here to help.  Below are lists of activities that can be used both for Troop/Patrol activities as well as Recruitment events.  Attract new Scouts by inviting them to some amazing events.  Follow our steps below to grow your Troop!

Dynamic Recruiting Webinar | March 2023

Review the lists of activities that would make amazing Troop recruitment events.  Download the PDF version below or see the online version right below it.

Activity List

(Click to expand each section below for a treasure trove of ideas for meetings/events!)

Make a plan to train your Troop’s youth on how to use Peer-to-Peer recruitment to attract new Scouts.  Complete the Peer to Peer Recruitment Plan section of the Dynamic Recruitment Plan PDF or online form (at bottom of page).

With your youth, choose at least three meetings/activities that potential Scouts could be invited to.  Using the Activity list from Step 1, make your plan on the Dynamic Recruiting Plan PDF or online form (at bottom of page).

Promote, Promote, Promote!  Get the word out on your recruitment events.  Social media, friends, families, flyers in the community — it all works!  Need help from council?  Units should request marketing resources to help promote your upcoming recruitment activities. Custom Flyers can be created and printed to provide to your schools, Custom Unit Videos can be created for units to post on social media or share with families, and Social Media Events/Ads (Facebook geofencing) can be created to target members of your community

Dynamic Recruitment Plan Submission Form

You can fill out the PDF Version of the Dynamic Recruitment Plan OR submit the plan online using the form below.  PDF forms can be sent to your district executive.