The safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees is an important part of the Scouting experience and continues to be our number one priority. Insurance costs continue to rise, just as you might have experienced this with your own health, auto and property insurance, Scouting has seen increased insurance costs to protecting our most valuable assets, such as our camp properties and facilities, vehicles and other assets. We also purchase general liability insurance to protect our registered Scouts, Leaders and Chartered Organizations who participate in and sponsor Scouting programs across Michigan.

For the past several years, insurance costs have been subsidized in the general operating budget at $1.00 per registered member and leader (approximately $81,000) versus annual insurance costs of over $1 million dollars. With the continued rising cost of insurance, the Michigan Crossroads Council can no longer subsidize these costs and remain fiscally strong and relevant.


The Insurance Fee is an annual fee of $12 that will be charged to all registered participants in the Scouting program beginning with the 2020 charter renewal process. The current fee of $1 per person / per year will be increased to $12 per person / per year.

The Michigan Crossroads Council purchases insurance to cover our properties and assets including buildings, equipment, and vehicles against loss or damage. In 2019, the Michigan Crossroads Council provides the following insurance:

  • Accident and Sickness Insurance for registered Scouts, Volunteers and Participants
  • General Liability Insurance for registered Volunteers and Chartered Organizations
  • Property and Equipment
  • Event and Activity Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Health and Medical Insurance (year-round and seasonal employees)
  • Cyber Insurance

Yes. The Michigan Crossroads Council conducted an insurance review in 2018 to review our current coverages and insurance premiums to provide good fiscal
stewardship. In addition, the review process included an extensive evaluation of our current policies and coverages to ensure that our facilities, camps, vehicles and equipment are insured appropriately. As noted, the cost of our insurance continues to exceed the Michigan Crossroads Council resources allocated towards insurance, based on current annual revenue (comprised of charitable giving, camp fees, and product sales such as popcorn).

The Insurance Fee will be collected during the charter renewal process completed by each chartered unit in the Michigan Crossroads Council. Each unit will be charged $12 for each registered youth and adult member.

Yes. The insurance fee will be pro-rated a $1.00 per month for each youth and adult registered member similar to membership fees. If a youth or adult leader joins during the year, they will be charged a pro-rated fee of $1.00 per month until the recharter period.

No. The Insurance Fee is non-refundable due to insurance premiums being calculated on a annual basis.

No. The fee is only charged once for each registered member or leader. Scouts or leaders registered in multiple positions or units will not be charged an additional Insurance Fee.

No. Since these are not paid positions, the fee is not charged for adults holding these positions.

Over 75% of accidents that happen in Scouting happen at the local unit level.  Good risk management practices consistent with Scouting’s Guide to Safe Scouting will help your unit maintain a safe environment for your Scouts and Leaders, while also contributing to management of our insurance costs going forward.

The Insurance Fee applies to all registered Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scout members and registered Adult Leaders.

  • Participate in the annual popcorn sale and have each Scout sell an additional three (3) containers of popcorn.
  • Add the additional fee of $12 to any unit dues or registration fees to be collected during the unit recharter process.
  • Request financial support from your Chartered Organization.

Please contact your local Unit Serving Executive (USE) to help answer any questions you may have or you may submit your question online at

The council’s insurance costs have not increased from $1 per registrant to $12 in one year. This has happened over decades. The council has been funding these costs in spite of an average million dollar deficit for the past 7 years. The Michigan Crossroads Council and its field service councils are no longer able to sustain this going forward and as such must pass this cost onto its registrants.

We are not privy to a fee increase by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America above the $40 per unit and $33 per registrant. Any decision to change these fees are done by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America. These national fees go directly to the Boy Scouts of America to cover the cost of supporting the Scouting program in the United States.

$33 – National membership fee for each registrant
$40 – per unit National Charter Fee
$12 – Boy’s Life Magazine subscription
$12 – Michigan Crossroads Council insurance Recovery Fee



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