Wood Badge 2019 (Gerber Scout Reservation)

Why attend Wood Badge?

As a result of attending Wood Badge,

participants will be able to:

¨ Understand your own Scouting Vision

¨ Turn your Vision into goals which benefit your unit, personal, and professional life

¨ Implement your goals (your Wood Badge Ticket)

¨ Unleash your leadership potential

¨ Learn how to share your leadership skills and talents effectively

¨ Have a great time with like minded Scouters

¨ Build a better Scouting program

¨ Challenge yourself in new ways

What We Do

The primary purpose of Wood Badge Training is to strengthen Scouting in our local units, districts, and council by helping Scouters develop new skills, and build strengths.

¨ The Wood Badge Course brings together leaders from all areas of  Scouting. 

¨ The course content and leadership

principles will provide a common foundation of leadership skills to be used throughout all BSA



The Wood Badge consists of  two parts:

1. The Practical Phase

¨   Outdoor experiences where you will develop a personal plan for putting the leadership skills you are learning into practice.

¨   The “Ticket” includes specific goals where  you want to experience personal and

professional growth, and build better Scouting

2. The Application Phase

¨ Consists of eighteen months in which you will

complete your ticket goals

¨ You will have a Ticket Counselor who will

assist and offer guidance as you “work your Ticket”

Completing Wood badge:

Two weekend phases and your “Ticket”

complete and approved,  you will be awarded:

¨  A unique certificate

¨  The distinctive Wood Badge neckerchief

¨ Leather woggle

¨ The Wood Badge – two wooden beads worn

on a leather thong around your neck

¨ And skills to use the rest of your life

Physical Requirements:

A BSA Annual Health and Medical Form A, B and C, is required for attendance.

We will make accommodations for any and all ability levels. Contact the Course Director with any special needs or concerns you may have to arrange appropriate accommodations.

Questioins? Contact us!

Course Director: Rich Riley, Email: rileydad24@gmail.com, Phone: 616.304.8606

Wood Badge Association Vice Chair: Jill TenBrink, Email: jatenbrinkfox@gmail.com, Phone: 616-240-8062


BSA Health & Medical Record
Woodbadge Association Scholarship Form19
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