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Check in will start @ 8am at the Boy Scout Dining Hall 

Merit Badges will start promptly at 9am so please allow time to check in. 

Blue Cards will be provided if needed, they can be collected during the check in process. 

Lunch will be provided by the camp in the dining hall from 12pm until 1pm. If you'd like to bring your own lunch you are more than welcome to do so, just be sure to be back by 1:15pm for classes to start again at 1:30pm​ 

All Day Classes 9a-5p       Morning Classes 9a-12pAfternoon Classes 1:30p-5p
Archery No Prerequisites Fishing 1a-d, 7, 8Canoeing 1a-c 2ab, 6, 13
Cooking  4a-e Geocaching 1a-c 2a-c 3, 7 First Aid 1a-d, 7,8 
Swimming 1ab 8Kayaking 1a-cLifesaving 1a Complete 2nd Class requirements 5a-5d Complete 1st Class requirements 6a, 6b, 6e 7, 17
Welding 7aLeatherwork No Prerequisites Orienteering 1,2,6a-c
 Electricity 2,8,9Pottery 7 



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