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2019 Merit Badge Day

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sponsored by Michigan State University Engineering Department

Event will be held at:  Michigan State University Engineering Building, 428 S. Shaw Ln.  East Lansing, MI 48824  (parking available across the street on Shaw lane)

Classes are 9:30 am-2:30 pm with check-in starting at 8:30 am.

Boy Scouts will have the opportunity to earn a STEM merit badge at Michigan State University while learning and participating on campus from University professors and career professionals!  See and experience what these fields are really all about!  Scouts will be able to sign up for only one merit badge session.

There is a limit of 30 Scouts per badge with the exception of Robotics, which has a limit of 24 Scouts.  If the limit is reached, the Scouts will be placed on a waiting list.

Merit Badges Offered:  

  • Robotics – No  Prerequisites  
  • Engineering – No Prerequisites  
  • Radio (There are prerequisites  See below)
  • Composite Materials – No Prerequisites  
  • Chemistry – No Prerequisites 
  • Programming – No Prerequisites

The cost is $15 per Scout/Venturer.  A pizza lunch will be provided by our hosts, Michigan State University.  The dress code is Class A uniforms.

Every youth participant will need to download and have parent complete and sign the MSU parent consent, release and medical forms and the MSU pickup and drop off form. These then need to be sent to waterandwoodsscouts@gmail.com which MUST be received by us by March 8th or the Scout will not be allowed on the campus.  Also, any adult planning to stay at this event also must complete the medical form and submit.  Due to MSU regulations and requirements, absolutely NO walk-ins will be allowed.

These will need to be completed and sent to or mailed to Tom Oleniacz – attn:  MSU MB Day- 5001 Eleven Mile Rd. Auburn, MI 48611 by March 1, 2019. These forms can be downloaded from this registration site.

Scouts will need to secure unit leader approval before registering for this event.

Scouts do NOT need to bring a blue card to this event.  

We will use the online registration system to produce all completed blue cards and partials for this year's MSU merit badge day.  How this works: 

1. Scout completes the badge (or partially completes) 

2. The counselor submits his class roster with all completed Scouts and partials earned to our event coordinator at the close of the March 23rd event.

3. Event coordinator inputs data to the registration system (where you signed up your Scout(s) to attend this event)  Blue card sheets will be signed by event coordinator.

4.  Beginning on April 1, the parent that made the initial online registration can go into the registration system and download and print the Blue Card sheets or partial completed sheets for all Scouts from the unit that participated at the MSU Merit Badge Day. These records will always be accessible.  A paper copy of each class will be kept on file at the Auburn Michigan Scout Service Center.

When you register your Scout for this event, upon payment you will receive a confirmation email.  It is very important that you save this email.  It allows you to go back in after the event and download and print off your Scout's merit badge blue card or partial.

Please check out MSU's Future Engineer's Page for more information on STEM, engineering, robotics, and more opportunities at Michigan State University!



Questions?  Contact Dr. Susan Masten at masten@egr.msu.edu or (517) 355-2254.

Radio MB prerequisites:  

Be prepared to discuss the following with the counselor (this info is in the merit 

badge book):

 – 1a,b,c,d: Explain what radio is

 – 2b,c,d: WWV, DX/local, FCC

 – 4: Explain how radio waves carry information

 – 5a,c,d,e: Block/schematic, modulation methods, weather radio, cellular

 – 6: Safety

 – 7 with respect to types of amateur licenses 

 – 9a, parts 1 through 5: Why FCC has an amateur service, differences between 

license classes, five Q signals, emergency calls, transceiver types.

Each Scout will discuss the above items individually with the counselor. We will 

not do this as a group to give everyone a chance to ask questions and interact one 

on one with the counselor.

The MSU instructors recently reviewed the requirements more closely and decided that it would be impossible for the Scouts to complete all requirements on the 23rd for Programming Merit Badge.  For Scouts taking PROGRAMMING Merit Badge at MSU March 23rd, please note that there are prerequisites to be completed:

Be prepared to discuss all other requirements at MSU.  Plan to do the following either before or after the March 23rd event. 

1. Safety: Do the following:

A. Show your counselor your current, up-to-date Cyber Chip. 

B. Discuss first aid and prevention for the types of injuries or illnesses that could occur during programming activities, including repetitive stress injuries and eyestrain. 

2. History: Do the following:

A. Give a brief history of programming, including at least three milestones related to the advancement or development of programming. 

3. General knowledge: Do the following:

A. Create a list of 10 popular programming languages in use today and describe which industry or industries they are primarily used in and why.  DO 3 prior to MSU and 7 after MSU 

B. Describe three different programmed devices you rely on every day. 

4. Intellectual property: DO the following:  of these

A. Explain how software patents and copyrights protect a programmer.

B. Describe the difference between licensing and owning software.

C. Describe the differences between freeware, open source, and commercial software, and why it is important to respect the terms of use of each.

5. Projects: Do the following:

B. With your counselor’s approval, choose a second programming language and development environment different from those used in 5A and in a different industry from 5A. Then write, debug, and demonstrate a functioning program to your counselor using that language and environment. 

C. Similar project to 5A and 5B but different language, industry, and environment. 



MSU Parent Consent/medical -fillable
MSU PU/drop off- Fillable