Pinewood Derby Race- Dearborn

2019 Pinewood Derby Council Race (Dearborn)

All racing/inspection takes place on the same day

Come Race & Enjoy a Day at the Museum

Saturday, April 6, 2019 

Due to the venue, NO walk-ins or late registrations will be allowed

Cost is $10 per racer: youth & adult (includes patch & pit pass)

Every attendee, youth & adult, racer & spectator will be required to purchase a ticket to the museum.  $10 per ticket (face value of $23)

If you are already a member of The Henry Ford you need not purchase ticket(s)

Schedule of the Day

8-9:30 Arrow of Light & Lion Check In

8-2: Parent/Sibling Check In (limit 100)

9:30: Museum Opens

9:30-10:30 Webelos Check In

10:30-11:30 Bear Check In

11:30-12:30 Wolf Check In

1:00-2:00 Tiger Check In

10:00 am-3pm: Qualifying Races

4pm: Championship Race

4:30pm: Awards

5pm: Museum Closes

Special Note

Each attendee will have complete access to The Henry Ford Museum to enjoy during the day.

Who Qualifies

If you raced in your pack race, you qualify for the Council race. 

Each rank is limited to 150 racers. Parent and Sibling Race is limited to 100 racers. All Scouts participating in a race rank must be currently registered members of The Boy Scouts of America..


  1.  All Cars must have been built from BSA licensed kits.
  2.  Cars will be inspected to the 2019 Great Lakes Field Service Council rules.
  3. Cars not built according to 2019 rules will be disqualified and will not race.
    1. Rules can be found on the council website:
  4. All race results are final. 
  5. Total fastest time will determine the winner
  6. Then Top 3 in each rank from the Championship will move onto the Grand Championship (at 4:00 pm)
  7. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each rank & for the overall winners.  Specialty trophies will be awarded in each rank for Best in Show, Most Scout Like and Most Patriotic


READY, SET, RACE! – Thank you! Council Pinewood Derby Committee



2019 Pinewood Derby Rules V3.0
2019 PWD Council Race Flyer