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Kishahtek Lodge’s

Annual Fall Ordeal

The Ordeal is the first step toward fully joining the OA. During the ordeal, candidates are expected to maintain silence unless its necessary to speak, receive small amounts of food, work on camp improvement projects, and sleep apart from others. The ordeal is designed to teach the significant values of the OA.

For this and all future lodge events you will have to have your BSA ID. This is the key to making sure your information is updated in Lodge Master. If you do not know your BSA ID you can find it on your BSA membership card or you can get it from your Scoutmaster or Committee Chair. Make sure you have your BSA ID before you start the registration process.

For Lodge Annual Pass holders, when you register you will have to accurately enter your name and unit number for the Annual Pass to be accepted. For Members of Council that are not associated with a unit, you will need to accurately enter your name and the district you are a member of for the Annual Pass to be accepted. The Annual Pass code that you were given is entered at the bottom of your registration form once everything else has been filled in.




BSA Annual Health Form A&B

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