The Executive Board of the Michigan Crossroads Council recently unanimously voted to purchase a home, adjacent to the Rotary Scout Camp for the purpose of housing the Ranger. The properties team conducted extensive research on the cost of placing a home on the Camp Rotary property, and it was determined that this was the best alternative for the needed Ranger housing given it’s location, costs and condition. The residence needs minor maintenance, has a new furnace and a new well is being drilled at the seller’s expense. It has a 2 ½ car garage and is basically move in ready, the minor improvements of painting, carpet etc. can be done while it is occupied. This purchase helps us to provide year-round maintenance and support to the Camp Rotary’s operations and camping program.

The purchase of a home for the Ranger has been on the Properties Committee priority list for Camp Rotary, a very cost effective option that will be fully owned by the Michigan Crossroads Council.  As the property is not on the Rotary footprint, this property becomes an asset fully controlled by the Executive Board.

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