Learning For Life

Learning for Life is designed to assist schools in their preparation of young people to successfully handle the complexities of today’s society. This program uses age-appropriate, grade-specific lesson plans to help young people develop social and life skills, self-confidence, motivation and positive personal values in participating members. It prepares young people to make important responsible, ethical decisions that will help them achieve build self-confidence, motivation and feelings of self-worth

Elementary Program

Learning for Life’s kindergarten – 6th grade curriculum consists of over 60 lesson plans designed to reinforce social, ethical and academic skills.

Middle School Program

Learning for Life’s Middle School program begins a school to career emphasis. It provides community role models to motivate and interact with youth to succeed.

High School Program

Learning for Life’s school High School program emphasizes career-oriented experiences with workshops that teach the practical skills necessary for youth to acquire a job after school.


Learning for Life brings school-based learning and work-based learning together for 14 – 20 year olds. Exploring offers hands-on experiences in a career field of their choice working with professionals.