Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts. Leading the adventure.

Boy Scouts prove themselves in an environment that challenges their courage and tests their nerve.  After they’ve been given the proper guidance from those with experience and know-how, they take their own lead, and experience a whole new level of exciting outdoor activities, service projects and leadership experiences.

Scouts at this level are also introduced to merit badges where they will be introduced to countless hobbies, interests, arts, sciences and even career choices while working toward their advancement in the program.

Leadership is not only learned it’s expected.  By assuming the responsibilities of planning activities and events throughout the year, Boy Scouts develop teamwork and leadership skills all while learning to lead.

Boy Scout advancements are rewarded with badges of ranks.  Each rank prepares the Scout to be a better camper, hiker, Scout, and citizen. The ranks of Scouting are:

  • Tenderfoot
  • Second Class
  • First Class
  • Star
  • Life
  • Eagle Scout