Gerber Scout Reservation


Gerber Scout Reservation
1733 Owasippe Road | Twin Lake, MI 49457
Camp Office: 231-894-4928
Reservation Director- Shawn Dennany
Reservation Ranger – Charlie Brown
Properties Chair – John Fedder



First opened in 1951, Gerber Scout Reservation is located in the Manistee National Forest near Twin Lake, Michigan. Gerber Scout Reservation operates Boy Scout Summer Camp and Webelos & Cub Scout Summer Camp.

gerber dining hall

Gerber offers many different year-round programs and are currently developing even more. We rent a large variety of our building out for your scouting events. More information are detailed below in the Year Round Programs and Services. If their is a program you would like to see offered reach out to the Reservation Director; we are always welcome to new ideas.

In recent years, Gerber Scout Reservation attendance has swelled from 900 in 1997 to over 2,500 in 2012. Much of this increase can be attributed to the 1998 initiation of the Cub Scout and Webelos Adventureland, a section of the camp dedicated to Cub Scouts. Gerber currently has the capacity to accommodate 425 Boy Scouts, 200 Cub Scouts  each week or session.

Activities offered at the camp include the Waterfront, Honor Ground, Climbing Tower/COPE, Scoutcraft, Handicraft, Environmental Resource Center, Archery, and Shooting Sports. In 2008, a Technology Center was added to the camp, offering a new-age spin on the traditional summer camp experience. The new dining hall, named the Frank K. Merrill Centennial Dining Hall, was completed in time for the 2010 summer camp season. Centennial Dining Lodge boasts state of the art facilities, a capacity of over 700, and a safe place to take shelter.

Cub Scout Camp Summer Theme 2018

Where do all the monsters go after Halloween? Well this year they made their way to Betty Ford Adventurland and have turned the Island into their summer getaway. Come join us to find out what Monsters like to do in their time off from Halloween. It’s sure to be a graveyard smash!

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