Weekend Programs at D-Bar-A


We try our best to have as many programs available as possible each weekend, but unfortunately cannot always guarantee all of them at this point. So, we have created an online form to help us know what our customers are hoping to experience any given weekend. It can be found here.

By completing and submitting this form, it will help us to better use our resources in recruiting and scheduling the appropriate volunteers and staff.

Please complete the form at least two weeks before your scheduled arrival at the Ranch.

NOTE: All Non-BSA community groups and Out of Council Scouting units, please contact the Outdoor Adventures HOTLINE at 517-816-7755. One of our team members will guide you through the reservation process.


The D-bar-A Trading Post will be open every weekend. Hours will be posted and included in your site book.
The Trainor Scout Museum is open most Saturdays. Weekend hours will be provided upon check-in.
FREE Activities
Activity Location
Disc Golf Course Starts behind the Thomas Trainor Museum.
Human Foosball Trout Lake Pavilion and Field & next to Jack Lord Shower House
Volley Ball Trout Lake Pavilion and Field
Hiking Pedro Trail
Observatory (Requires an adult trained on use. Inquire 30 days in advance to receive training) Trout Lake Fishing Pier


Activity Requirements Cost Max Location
Horseback Trail Ride* Ages 10 and up $15.00 per person 10 Barns
Horseback Corral Rides* Cub Scouts $10.00 per person 30 Barns
* Wranglers reserve the right to restrict riders for safety reasons (at their discretion)


Activity Requirements Cost Max Location
.22 Rifle Range Ages 11 and up $45.00 per group 24 Lonesome Pine Range
Boy Scout Archery Ages 11 and up $45.00 per group 36 Lonesome Pine Range
Cub Scout Archery N/A $45.00 per group 36 Morrison Range
BB Gun N/A $45.00 per group 36 Morrison Range
Bouldering* (Requires 30 day notice) N/A $3.00 per person / hour 36 Climbing Tower