Cole Canoe Base

Cole Canoe Base

Cole Canoe Base
1356 E. Greenwood Rd | Alger, MI 48610

Phone: 989-873-1516 | Fax: 989-873-1517
Camp Director: Gus Chutorash
Ranger: Dave Gray
Properties Chair: Kent Klitzke

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Summer Camp Opportunities

Boy Scout Summer Camp at Cole

Year-Round Opportunities

cole canoeWeekend Programs:  We offer a weekend camping program for units seeking a fantastic place to participate in weekend Scouting activities. All campsites and White Pines cabin are available throughout the year outside of the summer camping season to any interested units. Scouts can practice their shooting sports skills in camp, go hiking on our many miles of trails, and participate in other unit led scouting activities. Your unit holding a weekend campout here at Cole Canoe Base will enable your scouts to have the opportunity to complete requirements towards advancing in rank or completing merit badges.

For more information on Cole Canoe Base Weekend Programs click here.

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