Trisha Parker and Taina Price Join the District Volunteer Team; Angela Chidester Continues as our District Popcorn Kernel

Trisha Parker will be helping support cub scout units through the fall recruitment Join Scout Night events. Trisha and Angela Chidester from Pack 491 in Milan had a 500% increase in the number of cub scouts in their unit last year. And as an added surprise, they recruited two 6th graders to be boy scouts in Troop 449.

Taina Price has volunteered to be a district member-at-large and be the Cub Scout Liaison for LDS Cub Scout families who would like to continue in scouting after December 2019. This is a critical position for helping families find units to join or creating new units for the cub scouts.

We are having a unit commissioner crunch. If you or someone in your unit would be willing to help Dave Kluck out (he is currently commissioning over 50% of the Huron Trails units himself), it is the best volunteer job in the district. You get to visit units occasionally and be “in the know” about upcoming district opportunities and news. It is really about building relationships and sharing your experience with units. If there is an eager parent who does not have a position with your pack or troop, consider asking him or her to be your unit commissioner. You’ll be glad you did!

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