Pack 223 Girl Tiger Den

Introducing our first GIRL Tiger Den! Pack 323 from Wixom Elementary welcomes 10 new youth this past month into their pack, 7 of which are girls! The Pack’s leadership was able to opt-in to the Early Adopter Family Program in order to make this happen. A large part was due to Bruce and Rayetta Hartley who have triplets, one boy and two girls. When they heard about the Early Adopter Program, they discussed it with the Pack’s Cubmaster, James Dagg, and Committee Chair, Elena Dagg about creating a girl Tiger Den. Pack 323’s Charter Organization, Wixom Elementary PTA, was also in support for the inclusion of girls in Cub Scouts. With the guidance of their Unit Commissioner, Dan Willoughby, they were able to meet the requirements for the Early Adopter Family Program. Rayetta Hartley has taken on the role of Tiger Den Leader for these 7 enthusiastic girls! The Den has been able to participate in Pinewood Derby and is already on their way to earning their Tiger Rank with already earning their Bobcat and 3 loops! Welcome to Cub Scouts!

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