Jamboree 2017 WW

9290736222_01aec5c58b_zReady to step into a new world of adventure? Join Water and Woods as they travel to the Summit Bechtel Reservein in southern West Virginia for their excursion July 19-28, 2017. Estimated cost to attend this trip is $1,700 per person maximum. Three troops will be assembled from the registrations that will be divided up regionally within the FSC. Water and Woods are also creating 9 Venturing spots for Venturers and Sea Scouts to join the fun.

The first step to signing up for a Scout for the Jamboree is for the parent to go to the following site and sign up their Scout(s) http://www.summitbsa.org/events/jamboree/jamboree-registration/.

Parents will complete the approval process online for any applicant that will be under 18 years of age during the Jamboree.  If an applicant will be 18 or older at the Jamboree, the parental approval process does not need to be completed.  An email is sent to the parent/guardian email that is listed on the participant’s application.  The parent needs to complete the approval process online.  The parent will receive an email confirmation letting them know the process has been completed.  There are not any approval or waiver forms, at this time, that need to be sent into the council or the Jamboree office.

After the Scout is signed up on the Jamboree site, within a few days he will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to register online with our Water and Woods troop and will be required to put down a $200 deposit to hold his spot.  This $200 is non refundable but transferrable to a new Scout attending.  The family can also continue to make monthly payments on this same site.  You will be contacted with more info a little later on.

To download a flyer with more information about the Jamboree, please click here